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#TAG – Tween Anxiety Group: Resilience

Tweens have lots of worries.  They begin to explore their identity and question who they are separate from others, while still navigating how to be a socially connected being.  They may become an emotional powerball raging one moment and weeping the next.  School becomes their primary focus for positive and negative thoughts, feelings, and behavioral actions.

#TAG Tween Anxiety Group is designed to address the emotional and complex components of being a preadolescent in a relaxed fun and creative environment.  Art Therapy and Group Talk Therapy are used to enhance the experience and provide a valuable skill set to expand upon.

Who: Tweens 10-13 Years Old

When: 6 week group sessions with rolling admission.

Time: Saturdays TBD (90 minutes)

Group size is designed to be small therefore space is limited!

Access pre-screening and registration forms here