Welcome to The Art In Therapy

We are a  team of certified therapists who are passionate about using creative arts, music, and movement to promote emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing through individual and group sessions.

Often children and adolescence become ‘stuck’ in a more traditional talk therapy group approach. The expressive arts modalities, art, music and movement, help support children and teens as they build trust in the therapy process and allow for vulnerability in sharing and receiving emotional communication. When combined they offer a whole wellness approach to treating the mind & body.

Movement Therapy facilitates mind-body connection by reducing emotional and physical pain. Art therapy sessions allow clients to explore their thoughts and emotions through expressive art media forms and Music therapy sessions promotes self-awareness, body acceptance and stress reduction through music. 

If you are interested in exploring the transformative power of Art, Music, and Movement Therapy, we invite you to schedule a consultation. 

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