Andrea joins our team as a registered Movement Therapist specializing in movement psychotherapy with a master’s degree in the field from Sarah Lawrence College. Andrea brings her experience from her continued clinical work with children and adolescents at two major hospitals in Essex county. Andrea demonstrates how engaging clients in therapeutic movement has a positive effect on their self-discovery and recovery.

Dance/Movement Therapy is a unique form of Creative Arts Therapy that expands the observational ability of the practitioner to see the whole person in the mental health treatment plan of the individual. Through non-verbal communication, a client is able to overcome their fear of expressing their challenges when words aren’t a comfortable way for them to express themselves. Andrea helps youth physicalize their emotional and functional connection process. As a Behavioral health practitioner, she applies this form of therapy to youth because it feels more like experimental exploration than traditional talk therapy from a chair.

As a former professional dancer and musical theater performer, Andrea shares the joy of singing and dancing with her younger clients while her training as a yoga instructor and walking meditational practitioner gives calming guidance to her adolescent clients transitioning into adulthood. She teaches breathwork techniques for clients to practice between sessions for stress-filled anxiety moments. Andrea is a skilled and caring therapist who is committed to discovering which methods and practices work best for each individual client.

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