Things to wonder about when approaching Art Psychotherapy with today’s youth and the world we live in; how does culture impact them?  How does family and relationship influence their choice?  How is communication defined and how does it affect their world?

The foundation of my work is focusing on supporting self-esteem, cultivating identity formation and developing healthy separation and individuation into adulthood through the building of the therapeutic relationship.

The Art in Therapy becomes the visual tool that drives the process and the progress to a healthier self.


Individual vs Group Art Therapy Experience. What’s right for you?

Individual Art Therapy

Individual Art Therapy is a one on one therapeutic experience between the client and the Art Therapist.  Individual Art Therapy sessions are available for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults.

For Tweens and Adolescent clients, parents participate in parent sessions, determined by the specific need of each individual client.

The Tween Transition!  From about 11-13 years of age.  Parents often say “My child is 11, but she already acts like a teenager.”  They are stuck in a strange middle ground where they aren’t “little kids” anymore – but they aren’t teenagers yet.  The Preteen years are one of the most challenging times in your child’s life.  Tweens are confused and frustrated about all the changes they are going through physically and mentally.  Most parents have trouble dealing with and understanding these new behaviors and attitudes.  Oftentimes, this age group will need guidance in figuring out how to navigate this turbulent new landscape.

Adolescents: When teens are going through a rough time, such as family troubles, academic pressure or lack of peer connectedness, they might feel more supported if they talk to a therapist or participate in group therapy.  They may be feeling sad, angry or overwhelmed by what’s been happening and need support sorting out their emotions, thoughts and behaviors to move towards feeling confident.  Does your Teen struggle with any of these issues?  Individual or Teen Group Art Therapy may be the right fit.

  • feels sad, depressed, anxious or just stressed out
  • is excessively dieting, overeating or restricting food
  • is dealing with an attention, impulsive or a learning problem
  • is coping with an illness or a new mental health diagnosis
  • is dealing with family changes such as divorce, alcoholism or addiction
  • is trying to cope with a traumatic event, death of a loved one, or worry over world events
  • is using unhealthy ways to manage emotions such as self-harm cutting or burning
  • wants to sort out problems like managing anger
  • wants to build self-confidence to build supportive relationships with peers


The Group Art Therapy Experience

My passion for working with Tweens, Teens and Adults takes on a whole new dimension in a Group Therapy format.  This is what you can expect when individuals connected in a group format;

  • They begin to feel heard by sharing similar experience.  The art making and process of the experience becomes the vehicle for change.
  • They receive support from people who are like minded and open to emotional holding
  • They develop trust and a sense of emitonal safety in the space
  • They learn mindfulness, emotional regulation and ways to improve distress tolerance through healthy relationship building and the development of new coping skills to manage their issues in a healthier way

Group Therapy Offerings

  • Tween Anxiety Group
  • Teen Art Therapy Group
  • Young Adult Group
  • Women’s Group